Why do you need to integrate video content into your influence campaign?

While blogs are still popular today, especially for recommendations and details on products and services, 64% of consumers still prefer video content. This is why brands that have not yet integrated this type of content must rethink their communication strategy, including influence marketing.

70% of users choose videos based on their moods

Google has just released, very recently, a study that delivers the reasons why people around the world watch videos. Through this report, we learn which types of content are preferred by Internet users according to their geographical location and age. Here is the information to remember from this study:

  • For Generation Z and the millennials, 1in 2 people say they don’t know how they could have lived without videos;
  • Younger generations are looking for short content such as webisodes, tutorials and short clips produced by professional and amateur content creators ;
  • 46% of viewers worldwide use video content to learn something new. They also really enjoy videos that allow them torelax;
  • Consumers watch more videos when the content is ontopics they are passionate about, including when the content is not professionally produced;
  • YouTube is the most popular social network for watching videos (78%)…
  • Facebook (43%) and Instagram (33%) are also cited among the various viewing channels.

To set up video campaigns with micro-influencers, the social networks YouTube and Instagram are ideal! YouTube is also very popular, because in 2019, Youtubeers have 100 billion views. Indeed, these two social platforms offer the possibility to create multiple contents. Below, discover the content ideas of the experts of our platform of influence.

1 – Stories to strengthen your brand image

Today, most social networks offer users the possibility to create as well as share stories with their community. Twitter being the latest with the launch of Fleet. Stories are an interesting and even essential feature for brands in their influence strategy. On Instagram, we have already explained in a previous article how to use stories: this feature is an excellent way to enhance your brand. Among other benefits, it offers you other advantages such as :

  • The opportunity to showcase your brand behind the scenes to your community.
    Our advice: invite the content creators you work with to come and visit your premises, warehouses, stores etc. and film their experience. You can also offer them to lead a workshop or test your products, take part in the creation of a product or collaborate together to launch a capsule collection.
  • Convey more details to consumers about your product/service. 62% of Internet users said they were more interested in a product after seeing it in a story.
    Our suggestion: Suggest to influencers in your brief to unbox in stories or to speak up to explain in more detail how they use your product.
  • Pass on your brand news;
    Our advice: be transparent with your community. Consumers in 2020 want more authenticity.
  • Generate more traffic;
  • Interact with your brand community.
    Our suggestion: another idea for influencers, but also for you: organize a live event with subscribers to present the product, your brand and answer questions from the community.

According to the DNA, by 2019, the Stories had accumulated over 400 million daily views… One-third of these videos were broadcast by the brands, and one-fifth of the brands received a direct message following their stories.

It’s also an opportunity for your brand to compete with your imagination by launching filters. This is the current trend on Instagram, whether it’s for fashion houses, cosmetic brands or catering groups.

2 – IGTV and video for a long format and more details.

Even if Instagram has just removed the “IGTV” button from its home page, because it is not used enough by the Internet users, this format is popular.It allows influencers, as in video on Youtube, to present products via content creators during hauls – a marketing technique used to promote a product -, unboxings (anglicism initiallydesignatinga type of video published on the Web, in which people film themselves unpacking the products they have just bought) or during product tests.

In addition to these examples of topics, for brands, the video format also allows them to present their teams, raise awareness of a cause or conduct interviews to support their expertise.

Our tip for a successful video: don’t forget the subtitles! Thanks to them, more users will watch your video. According to an Instagram report in 2019, 40% of Instagram Story videos are watched without sound.

3 – TikTok, the 2nd most downloaded app in the world to target young people

TikTok, the favorite application of young adults and the one all the influencers are ripping off, especially during lockdown. This application is starting to be used more by brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, By Clarins, Merci Handy, Sephora and others…

It allows you to create original content and to highlight the company and its employees. The brand can launch a challenge around its product with the influencers, who will then relay it to their community. Usually, they relay the video on their other social networks, which increases visibility. It is the ideal social network for brands looking to communicate with Generation Z or millennials: 45.7% of the under 13s say they use TikTok. No doubt, in the coming weeks, new corporate accounts will be created and new challenges and impactful video content will be created.

As you can see, the video content isengaging and it will allow you to build loyalty with yourcommunity and most certainly generate sales! These videos can also be reused as part of your 360° marketing strategy especially for your media such as your product sheets on your website, your TV advertising campaigns …

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Video Marketing: 4 Secrets to Attract a Wider Audience for Your Business

In content marketing, the most powerful way to deliver your brand message in a memorable way is through the use of video. People retain much more of what they see than what they read. Combine your words with video and you will create an even stronger correlation between the message and your brand.

If your company is struggling to increase its commitment to video content, this article will appeal to you. We’ve compiled a list of strategies that any video marketer can use to improve the effectiveness of their videos. How many are you already using? Which ones are left out?

#1. Use video for your social media

Social media is the best platform to make your content visible. Focusing on only one of them will limit the scope of the content. Consider the different platforms and analyze how video works best on each one.

A longer video works better on YouTube. Teasers and trailer-type videos generate good engagement on Facebook and Twitter. Short promotional videos work well on Instagram. Of course, these observations are very general. The final performance of the content will be subject to its own set of variables. Therefore, test splitting and metrics analysis are critical to success.

#2. Produce your own content

Wherever possible, produce content that is 100% unique and brand specific. Stock video will never be as effective. Today’s social media audience wants to be able to interact with brands and build a relationship. This is difficult if the brand is forced to hide behind the mask of someone else’s content.

The overall quality requirements of the video you produce depend on a number of factors, primarily in terms of the effect the video is intended to have on its audience. Direct sales videos, for example, should be professionally produced and presented in a high quality format. It’s also a good idea to get out the smartphone every now and then and download short, candid content for the enjoyment of your audience.

Most importantly, make sure you include enough brand-specific images to help viewers associate the content with your business. This step is necessary if you are presenting professionally produced content or more informal videos for your page.

#3. Optimize the referencing of your video content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key factor in the growth of your online content. The written copy for the video, as well as any content used to promote it, is important. It should include well-documented keywords that are relevant to the audience and the topic.

Searching for different keywords is important in video descriptions, blog posts, page META tags, etc. Basic keywords, long tail keywords, and keywords suitable for latent semantic indexing (LSI) are all necessary elements for good SEO.

If SEO is not your forte, it may be a good idea to work with a professional copywriter or freelance writing agency on scripts and supporting materials. Working with a professional blogger, scriptwriter or even an editor can make a big difference in the performance of the finished product.

#4. Encourage the sharing of your videos

Calls to Action (or CTAs) are another important element of content engagement that too many marketers neglect. Your audience is unlikely to do anything with your content beyond viewing the video, unless otherwise stated.

A simple call to action in the caption section of the message will prompt some viewers to click immediately. It is also strongly recommended to mark the end of each video script with a specific call that generates the expected conversion.

In a nutshell.

These strategies are far from being the only ones that exist when developing a marketing plan, but they are all essential to ensure good content performance. Don’t overlook any part of the process that determines how many people view your video or what they do afterwards.

The bottom line here is simple: if any of the above ideas are not used (or are under-used) in your video marketing efforts, it’s likely that the content won’t reach everyone. Consider all of the planning for your next video project and commit to incorporating some of the ideas we’ve recommended.

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